ReLife Paper Packaging

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ReLife formed the new Paper Packaging division in 2021 with the merge of the General Packaging Group and its three integrated corrugated box plants, founded and managed by Mario Zani. 

General Packaging is one of Italy’s leading producers of corrugated sheets and boxes, mainly made from recycled paper. High quality and production efficiency promoted the fast growth of the company capable of producing over 170 million square metres of corrugated cardboard and serving customers in various food and consumer product sectors.


The group produces in full autonomy products from paper reels to finished boxes ready for use by the customer. These results are guaranteed by the efficient management of a 2800-mm corrugator commissioned in 2020, a 2500 mm corrugator and a third 1500-mm corrugator for small runs, supported by several die-cutting and printing machines. The use of cardboard made from recycled paper on the constant rise, now totalling more than 80 per cent of the entire production and with scope for improvement, meets the strong demand for circularity, developed through the rapid integration with ReLife Recycling.


ReLife Recycling and Paper Packaging assert principles of production process sustainability and end product circularity, with some of the highest post-consumer percentages in Europe. This means that all ReLife Group customers will be able to achieve their upcycling goals and can certify that they have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 50% compared to the use of products made from virgin material.