ReLife is a modern and organised global partner offering a comprehensive approach perfected around the concept of minimising waste disposal at the service of small, medium and large companies and environmental service agencies to increase the range of services and managed volumes exchanged between private and municipal customers. With its four divisions – Recycling, Paper Mill, Paper Packaging, Plastic Packaging – ReLife produces new packaging, goods and products by transforming what would otherwise be an economic cost and environmental liability.

The corporate philosophy of the ReLife Group is supported by investments in technologies aimed to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of industrial activities and contribute to putting truly environmentally friendly products back into the economic cycle.

Zero landfill is the ultimate goal to promote a circular economy that brings real benefits to all stakeholders, both public and private, making ZERO WASTE in industrial cycles a reality.

The strategy is aimed at continually improving the quality of our services provided both professionally and promptly and of our products, equipment and various platforms, also by adopting appropriate management and IT tools.

ReLife operates with transparency and traceability in full compliance with environmental regulations with a growth model in line with sustainability and waste disposal objectives.

We devote attention, care and dedication to seeking industrial outlets in domestic and international markets for things that other people see as a problem to be disposed of.

The creative and innovative capacity of the Group is its strength. We now cover most of Italy and are organised to maximise economies of scale and offer an articulated skills network. ReLife works in an industry where increasing regulatory pressure and high complexity require authorisations, certifications and operational requirements, in addition to high-level technical know-how to manage activities.

The integration of the four divisions – Recycling, Paper Mill, Paper Packaging e Plastic Packaging for producing packaging and other materials starting from the waste processed in the sorting facilities of the Group – expands the conventional concept of a company that only manages the collection and recycling service, opening towards new industrial partnerships with waste producers, who become an integral part of an evolution in line with the circular economy principles. This industrial innovation in strategy and process puts ReLife in a leading position both locally, in the centre-north of the country, and nationwide in terms of volume.